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ISO 22716:2007- Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)


The content of ISO 22716:2007 provides guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices for cosmetic products for its production, control, storage, and shipment. The standard has been approved and accepted by several regulatory bodies around the world for compliance. The International Cooperation on Cosmetic Regulation (ICCR) – a joint effort by the USA, the European Union, Japan, and Canada – agreed in their July 2008 meeting to implement ISO 22716 in their respective regions. Regulators of several of these ICCR regions have decided to act accordingly. Thus, its global acceptability is commendable. The guidelines also offer structured advice on the management of human and administrative factors during manufacturing practices. Certification to this standard by an organization provides assurance to its stakeholders that the cosmetics are manufactured and managed in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) principles.


  •          Ensured compliance with safety and legal requirements within the organization’s supply chain along with quality improvement.

  •          Ensured continuous improvement through control of risk and hazards associated with cosmetic products.

  •          Ease of implementation for all organizations irrespective of their sizes and complexity.

  •          Ensured compliance with international laws.

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